How to Add a User to a Group on Windows

This minHour teaches you how to add a new user to a user group on a Windows computer. Adding a user to a group will apply all the group settings and permissions to the added user account.


Open your computer’s Start menu.

The Start menu button looks like a Windows icon on your desktop taskbar.

Open the File Explorer from the Start menu.

This will open a new window.

  • Alternatively, you can open any folder on your computer. This will open a File Explorer window.

Right-click This PC on the left sidebar.

Find your This PC directory on the left-hand side of the File Explorer window, and open the right-click menu.

Click Manage on the right-click menu.

This will open the Computer Management application in a new window.

Click the icon next to System Tools.

Find System Tools on the left sidebar of the Computer Management window, and expand the tabs under it.

  • If you see next to System Tools, you can skip this step. This means your tabs are already expanded.

Click the icon next to Local Users and Groups.

This will expand a list of folders under it.

Click the Groups folder under Local Users and Groups.

This will display all your groups in the Computer Management window.

Right-click a group in the Groups folder.

A drop-down menu will list your options.

Click Add to Group on the right-click menu.

This will open the group properties in a new window.

Click the Add button in the Properties window.

This will allow you to add new users to this group in a new window.

Enter a username in the “Enter the object names to select” box.

Find the username of the user you want to add to this group, and enter it here.

Click the Check Names button next to the text box.

This will find the specified username on your computer, and confirm the user’s folder directory.

Click the OK button.

This will close the Select Users window. You will now see the newly added user’s username in the group properties window.

Click the Apply button.

This will save and apply your group changes to your computer.

Restart your computer.

Restarting will apply and activate your new user and group settings.


  • You have to be logged in to an administrator account in order to change user and group settings.

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