How high is the closestool?

The standard height of the adult toilet is about 35-40cm, which is designed according to the average height of Chinese people. The size positioning and water flow are designed.

For pre-school children, the height is about 30cm, and the height will be controlled at about 33cm when children enter school; The height of the toilet used by the disabled is about 45-47.5cm.


How to determine the toilet size?

The determination of toilet size can be divided into three points, namely width, depth and height.

  • Width of toilet

It is very important to choose the width of the toilet if you want to sit comfortably to solve the three emergencies. Most toilet products on the market have a width between 30cm and 50cm, which can be selected according to the size of the user. If the toilet is particularly thin, it is OK to choose a narrower toilet. If the user is relatively fat, it is recommended to choose a toilet with a width of 50cm.

In addition to the selection of the width of the toilet itself, the reserved width of the toilet should also be taken into account. At least 20cm space must be reserved on both sides of the toilet installation position to make it more comfortable to use and more convenient to maintain.

  • Toilet depth

The selection of toilet depth is mainly divided into two parts: seat depth and pit distance. The seat ring depth will directly affect the comfort of sitting on the toilet, which can be selected according to the length of the user’s thigh. The longer the leg is, the deeper the most comfortable seat ring will be, and vice versa. The seat ring depth of most products on the market is between 40cm and 50cm, so if you choose the right one, you won’t have leg numbness after sitting for a long time.

In addition, the selection of pit spacing is also crucial. The pit distance is simply the distance from the drain hole to the wall. If the pit distance is too large, the toilet cannot be installed. If the pit distance is too small, the distance between the toilet and the wall is too large and not beautiful. There are three common pit distances in life: 30.5cm, 35cm and 40cm. When buying a toilet, just tell the seller what the pit distance is.

  • Toilet height

Most toilets on the market are 35cm~45cm high, which can be selected according to the height. If it is shorter than 1.5m, 35cm~40cm is the most appropriate choice. If it is higher than 1.5m, it is more suitable for the toilet height of 40~45cm. If the user is an old person or a disabled person, it is better to choose a relatively high toilet height so that the legs will be better stressed.

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