What is the opening size of the 5-inch downlight

The size of the 5 inch downlight opening is about 12cm. Because the downlight is embedded installation, the opening size should be consistent with the downlight size, and the opening size can be slightly smaller than the downlight to prevent the downlight installed from falling down. For example, if the outer diameter of the downlight is 10cm, only 8cm holes need to be opened. When opening the holes, you must grasp the size and conduct accurate size measurement to avoid the situation that cannot be used. After the downlight is installed, there will be some gaps on the edge, which can be filled with latex paint.


What are the purchasing skills of downlight?

Look at the brand of downlight. Choosing a big brand will reduce some unnecessary troubles later.

The major feature of downlight is that it is consistent with the decorated space and does not affect the beauty, so it should not be exposed as much as possible when selecting.

The most important part of downlight is the bulb, transformer, lamp cup and buckle, so as to grasp the quality of these key components for purchase.

The exterior of downlight is made of various materials, such as iron sheet, aluminum, stainless steel and die-casting aluminum. The exterior material of downlight can be selected according to the different materials or the home atmosphere.

Downlights have dimensions, which should be determined according to the ceiling and height.

Is the household 5w down lamp too bright?

Downlight refers to a lamp with a screw lamp cap, which can be directly installed with incandescent lamps or energy-saving lamps. It is a kind of lighting lamp embedded in the ceiling with downward light. Generally speaking, the 5w downlight can be used for home use, and it is also the commonly used wattage of downlight in home use.

Household downlights can use either 5W or 3W. Their difference is mainly due to their different brightness. The 5W downlights will be brighter. Generally speaking, the number and wattage of downlights need to be determined according to the area of the room. For example, a 3-watt downlight needs to be used every 2 planes; The 5 watt downlight uses one in every 3 planes. Therefore, whether the household downlight uses 5 watts or 3 watts is generally determined according to the owner’s own needs.

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