Get Exclusive Access on SNKRS: Increase Your Chances

Nike sneaker drops are competitive and limited. Exclusive Access is a feature on the official Nike SNKRS app that lets you purchase new shoes outside of the general launch window. The factors are constantly changing, but interacting with content on the app is a great way to get an invite! This minHour guide shows you how to get Exclusive Access on SNKRS.

Download SNKRS

Download the SNKRS app.

It has a white Nike logo and “SNKRS” on a red background. The full app title is “Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release.”

  • The SNKRS app shows you upcoming Nike sneaker launches, events, and exclusive releases.
  • Exclusive Access is an invitation to purchase a product outside of its general launch window.

Interact with Content

Engage with SNKRS content.

The factors Nike uses to give individuals Exclusive Access varies, but interacting with the content on the SNKRS app is a great way to get an invitation. You won’t have to worry about spotting fake Nikes if you’re getting exclusive drops from Nike itself!

Tap the Notify me button on upcoming drops that you’re interested in.

Tap the heart button to indicate what type of sneakers you’re into.

Share the launch info with friends (or social media) using the up arrow icon.

Vote in polls.

There are occasional polls in the Home tab. Tap an option to vote in the poll!

Watch SNKRS videos in the Feed and Discover tabs.

For example, you can view Behind the Design videos to increase your engagement.

  • There are also occasional SNKRS Live sessions that you can join and interact with. You can also watch clips from these sessions in the “SNKRS Live Highlights” section of the Discover tab.

Stick with One Account

Use only 1 account on 1 device.

Nike might block your launch access if it believes that you’re trying to game the system by using multiple accounts.

Turn on Push Notifications

Go to the account menu.

This is the person icon in the bottom right of the SNKRS app. You’ll get a push notification when you receive Exclusive Access invitations. Turning them on will ensure you can make your purchase before your Exclusive Access ends.

Tap Notification Preferences.

Enable push notifications.

Tap the slider next to “Enable Notifications” so that it’s in the ON position. You’re all set up! The only thing left is to wait for your Exclusive Access invitation.

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