Easily Cancel Your BarkBox Membership & Stop Auto Renewal

 Have unforeseen circumstances popped up and make it difficult to continue your BarkBox subscription? It's good news that you can cancel it! According to their policy, you're responsible for the number of payments that you signed up for, but in the event of special circumstances, you can cancel your subscription immediately. This minHour article walks you through the process step-by-step so you can cancel your account immediately or according to the policy.

Sending an Email

Compose a new email message to happy@barkbox.com.

If you can’t pay for BarkBox anymore and have a really good reason, you can send an email to BarkBox support to request that your account be canceled. You’ll want to use the email address (such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook) associated with your BarkBox account to send a cancellation request.

  • BarkBox might suggest other subscription plans to keep you as a customer, but if you’re adamant about canceling, reject those other offers and continue asking for a cancellation.

Include your BarkBox account number and a reason for canceling.

You’ll want to be very specific about canceling to ensure BarkBox support understands your intentions. Make sure your account number is included for the fastest results.

  • Reasons for canceling that have worked in the past include: Covid-related job loss; Dog death; Dog rehoming.
  • Although getting a response may take a day or two, sending an email is the only way to cancel your BarkBox account immediately.

Cancel Autorenewal at Barkbox.com

Go to https://www.barkbox.com/login and log in.

If you’re using the mobile app, the steps are the same, but the location of the buttons are in different areas.

  • This method will prevent your BarkBox subscription from renewing at the end of the subscription period. You will still have to pay for your subscription until the final date of your BarkBox membership if you cancel this way.
  • For example, if you signed up for a 12-month subscription and decide after the 3rd box that you don’t like it, you can stop the autorenewal. However, you’ll still end up paying for the last 9 boxes in the subscription.
  • If your autorenewal date is Nov 3 and you cancel Nov 1, your subscription period will auto-renew. You must cancel before the first day of the last month of your subscription period to cancel your plan.

Click Subscription Settings.

You’ll see your current plan information, such as the date your plan will renew.

Click Disable Subscription Renewal.

Clicking this will prompt BarkBox that you no longer want to pay for the subscription after your current plan runs out.

  • This will also work if you signed up for the $5 box.

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