Which layer is the lg layer

LG is the Lower Ground, which means the lower floor underground. Generally, shopping malls, office buildings, residential buildings and other buildings will have LG floors, L floors and B floors, and some will also have G floors. The L floors in the building, such as L1, L2, L3, L4, etc., mean Floor and represent the floors above the ground, for example, L1 is the first floor above the ground and L2 is the second floor above the ground. B stands for basement, which means basement or building bottom, and is usually used to indicate basement floor.

lg layer

How to choose the best floor to buy a house?

  • Look at the demand

When buying a house and choosing a floor, the first consideration is naturally demand. If there are elderly people who cannot move easily, it is recommended to choose a lower floor that is more convenient for travel. Or the courtyard or terrace on the lower floor of a building that you particularly like can also be selected accordingly. But generally, it is not recommended to choose a floor that is too low (below 6 floors).

  • Look at daylight

Many people who buy a house will look at the lighting and ventilation? The low floors will not perform well in these two aspects. After all, there are many barriers on the low floors and the vision is not wide enough, so the light intake and air circulation will be limited. Generally, the floors higher than 10 floors are better in lighting and ventilation, and the view will be better, so it is recommended to choose high-rise buildings.

  • Top floor and equipment floor

If you don’t have a particular preference for the top floor, it is not recommended to choose the top floor. Although the vision is wide, the ventilation is good, and the lighting is invincible, there will also be many problems. If the quality of the building is poor, the summer is too hot, the winter is too cold, and the rainy season is also easy to leak… And so on will be naked in front of us.

At the same time, it is not recommended to purchase the floor with heating, power supply or water supply hub equipment, because the noise and vibration generated by the equipment may have a slight or obvious impact on normal life.

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