What material is the enamel plate

Enamel plate is also called enamel steel plate. Its main materials are steel plate and glass. It has rich appearance styles and excellent physical properties. It is very suitable for interior decoration or architectural decoration. The material performance of steel plate and glass is stable, which is much easier to crack than that of ceramic tile, and has a long service life, which is also easy to clean and manage.


Advantages of enamel plate

Green. Enamel plate is made of steel plate and glass, which is a green and environment-friendly product and will not release formaldehyde.

Easy to clean and take care of. It is assembled as a whole, without gaps, and the surface of the glass is very oil-resistant, easy to take care of. The ceramic tiles are assembled individually, which will cause cracks. Even if they are filled with seam beautifying agent, they will not resist oil stain.

Store drill-free. Because it is made of steel plate, the enamel plate wall can use the storage tool with magnetic absorption, and it does not need to be perforated, which can be said to be very convenient. However, the hook or shelf of magnetic suction can not bear large gravity, and small objects such as rags, knives, condiments and tableware can be placed.

Heat resistant and scratch resistant. The enamel plate fired at high temperature can withstand the heat of Chinese stir-frying, and long-term high temperature will not cause deformation. The surface is made of plexiglass, the Mohs hardness value is 6, and the anti-scratch ability is outstanding, and the steel ball will not leave traces.

Defects of enamel plate

The cost is a little expensive. The price of enamel plate is more expensive than that of ceramic tile. The imported size of 2 m * 1 m is about 1000~1500 yuan, and the domestic price is about 700~1200 yuan. The price of 0.8m * 0.8m ceramic tile is 50~120 yuan. (1 enamel plate ≈ 3 ceramic tiles)

Fragile is not installed. The enamel plate is fragile before it is installed on the wall, because its thickness is only 3~5mm. During transportation, the larger the area, the easier it is to break. Therefore, it is necessary to wrap it with foam board as a protective layer before transportation.

Features of enamel plate

Impact resistance: when a kilogram of iron ball falls from a height of 1 meter, the surface of high-grade enamel will not peel off.

Strong cleanliness: high-grade enamel is a non-western material, and oil stains can be cleaned as before with a gentle wipe.

Abrasion resistance: the hardness is the maximum Mohs hardness of 6 degrees, which is superior to other residential equipment and materials. Scrubbing with a wire brush will not wear.

Drug resistance: It has a strong acid and alkali resistance, and will not change color or deteriorate when stained with detergent and seasoning.

Corrosion resistance: there is a layer of glass material on the surface, which will not rust even if soaked in water.

Heat resistance: It has been fired at 850 ℃ during the manufacturing process and has excellent heat resistance.

Water resistance: The surface of high-grade enamel is made of glass, so it has strong moisture resistance.

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