How wide is the chair

Generally, the width of the chair is 40-56cm, the height is 40-50cm, the height of the chair back is 63-91cm, and the width of the chair back is generally 33-38cm.

the chair

What is the proper height of the desk and chair

The height difference between tables and chairs shall be controlled within 280 to 320mm. For the height of tables and chairs, there are national standards. Among them, the height dimension standard of table furniture can be 700mm, 720mm, 740mm and 760mm; The seat height of chairs and stools can be 400mm, 420mm and 440mm. In addition, the standard size of tables and chairs is also specified, and the height difference between tables and chairs should be controlled within the range of 280 to 320mm.

The correct height of tables and chairs should enable people to keep two basic perpendicularities when sitting: first, when their feet are flat on the ground, their thighs and calves can be basically vertical. At this time, the front edge of the seating surface cannot compress the lower plane of the thigh. Second, when the two arms naturally droop, the upper arm is basically perpendicular to the forearm, and the desktop height should just contact the lower plane of the forearm. In this way, people can maintain correct sitting posture and writing posture.

If the height of tables and chairs is not properly matched, it will directly affect the sitting posture of people, which is not conducive to the health of users. For this reason, the national standard also stipulates that the space under the desk top shall not be less than 580 mm in height and 520 mm in width, which is to ensure that people can have enough space for their legs when using.

How to buy tables and chairs?

The size of the room is an important factor in the absolute size of the installed desk. Therefore, before purchasing a desk, choose the appropriate desk according to the size of the room. It should be noted here that it is no problem that the room should walk normally after installing the desk. If the installation of the smallest desk will make it inconvenient for the room to walk, it is not recommended to install it.

The decoration style mostly determines the choice of home. For example, the overall decoration is European style, but the desk you choose is Chinese style. The flowers are a little red from it, giving a very unexpected feeling. The overall decoration style is also greatly discounted, and only your desk is outstanding. Therefore, choose a matching desk according to the home decoration style.

The desk in the room is generally used by room users. Choosing a desk according to the nature of room users can maximize the benefits of desk and room users. For example, children’s desks, parents’ desks and husbands’ (wives’) desks must have different uses. Children’s desks should be selected according to their height and whether they have computers. Of course, the most important thing is to listen to the opinions of your family and discuss your choice.

After determining what kind of desk to choose, it is important to choose the material of the desk. A good material is dirt resistant, and stains can be easily handled. At the same time, it can effectively reduce the reflection of the desk and reduce the pressure on the eyes.

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