What is 3D wallpaper?

3D wallpaper refers to PVC wallpaper, also known as 3D background wall, which is a new decorative material with good 3D effect. After embossing, the wallpaper becomes 3d wallpaper, which can produce a strong three-dimensional sense, overcome the defects of pure paper material, and can produce many patterns that cannot be achieved by pure paper.

3D wallpaper

What is 3d wallpaper?

3d wallpaper is a new type of wall decoration material, which was first used in aerospace industry and products. its main characteristics are light texture, high density and good three-dimensional effect. After pasting 3D wallpaper on the wall, it can have a very good three-dimensional effect.

At present, there are two main types of 3D wallpaper on the market. One is visual 3D, which is similar to the art painting we see on the street. The things on the picture look like real; There is also a three-dimensional relief, which is usually made of pvc material. It feels bumpy and looks very three-dimensional.

In addition, 3D wallpaper has a wide range of applications in our lives. In addition to home wall decoration, it can also be seen in hotels, hotels and other commercial places. We can also see a lot in some bars, beauty salons, KTV and other leisure clubs, as well as in large exhibitions such as housing exhibitions and car shows.

What are the advantages of 3D wallpaper?

  • Sound insulation and noise reduction

The inner and outer surfaces of 3D wallpaper are treated with cavity micropores formed by applying nanotechnology in multi-layer structure, which can effectively eliminate resonance and absorb surrounding noise; Its water-based paint surface can be activated to make the light softer and avoid visual fatigue.

  • Purified air

3D wallpaper is a purification technology that uses photo-initiation technology and magnetic force. It can cooperate with the activated carbon on the surface of 3D wallpaper, effectively degrade and solidify the pollution of formaldehyde and benzene, realize the purification function of indoor air, and also achieve the effect of removing odor and absorbing indoor electromagnetic radiation.

  • Light texture

The texture of 3D wallpaper is very light, and it has high strength and toughness. It has very strong plasticity and decoration applicability. It is widely used in home decoration and tooling.

  • Free assembly

3D wallpaper can be assembled and displayed in a modular way, and it is very simple and fast to install to meet the personalized needs of modern people.

  • Green and environmental protection

3D wallpaper products are made of new nano-ceramics, activated carbon, mica, etc., which are widely used in the field of aerospace and aviation. It is an excellent representative of new building materials. Such products can prevent decoration pollution, so it is a green environmental protection product.

  • Antifouling fixation

Because the surface of its surface is treated with active water-based paint and non-fading color paint, 3D wallpaper has hydrophilic, anti-pollution, self-cleaning and other functions. 3D wallpaper products themselves have the status of maintaining beautiful color all year round.

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