Is there formaldehyde in the foam floor mat?

There is formaldehyde. The content depends on the specific situation of the floor mat. For high-quality foam floor mats, the formaldehyde content is basically within the safe range. For low-quality foam floor mats, many materials containing chemical substances will be added in the production process, and the formaldehyde content is very high. Therefore, pay more attention when purchasing and using.

the foam floor mat

The foam floor mats sold online have two materials. If you choose PE or EVA materials, they are basically safe. When parents buy them, they should buy them from formal channels. Some foam air cushions on the Internet are relatively cheap, but if there is no 3c mark, the quality does not meet the requirements.

Some illegal manufacturers may add a toxic substance into the raw materials, which will cause harm to human body. The toxic foam air cushion is installed indoors, and then the air conditioner or floor heating is turned on. As the temperature rises, formaldehyde will be decomposed, which is very harmful to the baby, such as damaging the baby’s eyes.

How to buy foam floor mats?

You must buy it from a regular manufacturer and check whether it conforms to the national standards. Those with qualified quality will have 3c certification. There will be specific material descriptions. You should choose PE or EVA materials.

When you buy a foam floor mat, you can smell it and touch it with your hands. If the surface is smooth and there is nothing hard to touch, it is also good.

After you buy it, you can soak it in water and wash it, then it can dissolve formaldehyde, and then put it in a cool and ventilated place to dry.

Is foam floor mats toxic?

The foam floor mat is made of the toxic substance of formamide, which will emit this substance, and is banned in Belgium and Germany.

The baby is very small, and the skin is very fragile. Laying this foam floor mat will cause damage to the baby’s eyes and skin. Many mothers measure the floor mats by the size of the smell. In fact, regardless of the size of the smell, the floor mats are toxic. Belgium has strictly conducted experiments on the floor mats, confirming the claim that the jigsaw mat is toxic.

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