Is the small crack normal after the decoration

It is a normal phenomenon. The cracks on the wall just after decoration are usually caused by poor quality or improper wall construction. Use fine sandpaper to polish the cracks, select the wall paint with the same color and repaint it. Secondly, improper ventilation will also cause small cracks on the wall. Therefore, after finishing the decoration, close the windows tightly and open the windows after the wall is dry, so as to avoid causing moisture on the wall and causing cracks on the wall.

the decoration

Reasons for small cracks in wall decoration

  • Improper ventilation

Generally, the windows can only be opened for ventilation after decoration. After all, the newly decorated wall is not completely dry. If the wall is directly exposed to the air vent, cracks will easily occur. If it rains in the process of ventilation, it will also cause the wall to be wet if the windows are not closed in time. Therefore, when the new house is just decorated, do not be too anxious for ventilation.

  • Inadequate construction

This problem usually occurs to the construction master. If the foundation is not well prepared before painting the emulsion, cracks will appear. In addition, the master will also have similar problems when he adjusts the proportion of the emulsion incorrectly. Therefore, he must go to the site to supervise during construction. If the wall is painted unevenly, it will not only affect the beauty, but also cause the wall to crack immediately.

  • Wall cause

When delivering the house, the whole wall had cracks. If the master didn’t repair it during construction, he would directly apply putty powder and wall paint, which would also cause cracks later.

Tips for solving wall cracks

If the crack has penetrated into the putty layer, use a sharp tool to enlarge the crack to the size of a screwdriver, fill in the caulking gypsum, polish and level it, paste the mesh cloth or kraft paper, and then use putty to level it, and finally paint or paste wallpaper according to the normal process.

If there is a large area of hollowing in the plastering layer, the original plastering layer should be knocked off, the plastering layer of cement mortar should be made again, and the painting should be carried out according to the normal process after leveling. However, the cost will be relatively higher. If there is only a small area of cracking, no sanding, hollowing and falling off, the dacron cloth can be pasted on the wall and then painted according to the normal process.

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