How to Watch Naruto

Naruto is a very popular Japanese manga series about Naruto Uzumaki, a young ninja who tries to become the strongest and most powerful ninja in his village. There are ten anime films about Naruto, a TV show, several video games and novels based on the manga. If you do not have access to the hard copies of the Naruto films or the television show, you can locate links to this content through online sites and stream the films online.

Finding Naruto Online

Look for free streaming sites.

You can do a search online for a specific Naruto television episode or for all the Naruto films on one streaming site. Once you click on the site and open it, it should specify if there is a fee to use the site or to access the content on the site. If you are trying not to spend any money on your Naruto viewing, you may opt for sites that are free for use.

  • Be wary of sites that ask you to sign up for service or register for service. These sites will often later request a form of payment to subscribe to the content on the site and access it.

Subscribe to a streaming site for a higher quality video.

If you are planning on watching several Naruto films, you may want to subscribe to a streaming site. You will likely need to pay a subscription fee every month to have access to the films, which are often higher quality than those found on free sites. The subscription fee may also give you access to other content on the streaming site, such as other manga films and shows.

  • Make sure you read the fine print on the subscription before you sign up for the site. This will ensure you know exactly how much you are paying each month to watch content on the site.

Confirm the link is correct and functional.

If you are using a free site, you may want to try several different links for the Naruto film. Some of the links may appear broken or not load properly so always check that they open before settling in to watch the film.

  • If you are using a subscription service, you will likely have access to links to the film that are confirmed by the service. These links should function properly.
  • You should also confirm the link has English subtitles or subtitles that are in a language that you understand. Often the link will note “English subtitles” or “dubbing available”, which indicates the link has subtitles or dubbing in English.

Viewing Naruto Online

Decide if you are going to stream or download the episodes.

Streaming online content is considered less legally dubious than downloading online content. This is because when you stream content from an online site or service, you are accessing the data for consumption but you are not keeping it or storing it anywhere on your computer. When you download content from an online site or service, you are in fact storing the data on your computer and can potentially redistribute or sell this content to others.

  • Many online sites offer a streaming option or a downloading option. If you are planning to watch the Naruto episodes once and then move on, you should choose the streaming option. Plus, with streaming there is a lower risk of breaking the law when you watch content online.

Set up several links in different browsers.

If you are using a free streaming service, you should maximize your chances of loading a good link to the film by loading several links in different windows of the same browser or in different browsers. This will allow you to determine which link is loading fastest and use that link.

  • If you are using a subscription service, you do not need to worry about loading different links to the film. However, you may want to load more than one film at a time in different windows if you are planning on watching several Naruto films in a row.

Allow the film to load.

The film will likely take time to load fully. Letting the film load will ensure the film plays through properly and does not become choppy or lag.

  • You may need to wait fifteen to twenty minutes to allow the film to load once you open it, depending on how big the file is. Do this by pressing the play button and then press the pause button to allow the bottom bar on the screen to load fully to the end.

Reload the page if the film is choppy or stops loading.

You may find that the film becomes choppy or pauses and tries to load as you watch it. You can adjust this by reloading the entire page, including the link, to allow the streaming service to reconnect to its server.

  • If reloading does not work, you can try closing the link and then re opening it. You may want to note where the film stopped so you can pick up where you left off when you re open it.

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