How to Use Uncyclopedia

Uncyclopedia is an encyclopedia full of joke articles. It is a parody of Wikipedia. Unlike websites such as Wikipedia and minHour, Uncyclopedia encourages editors to write joke articles. This article will tell you how to use this website.

Using Uncyclopedia

Navigate to Uncyclopedia.

This links to the website in English. Uncyclopedia is available in other languages (at the left of the page), although some of these websites may be insecure.

Look at the front page.

The front page is similar to Wikipedia’s, except that everything is written in a humorous/sarcastic manner.

  • There is a “From today’s featured article” section. This showcases the website’s featured article.
  • The “Did you know… ” section talks about funny instances in history.
  • The “In the news” section talks about real-life news that is happening.
  • The “On this day” section talks about what happened on this day in history (in a funny manner).
  • The “Picture of the day” section describes the picture of the day in a comical manner.

Search an article on Uncyclopedia.

If you haven’t used Uncyclopedia before, try to search a random historical figure, celebrity, or about a random technical term. The layout of Uncyclopedia is similar to Wikipedia, so the search bar is also on the top right of the page.

Read an article on Uncyclopedia.

If you read a random article on Uncyclopedia, you will see that the words and descriptions in it are funny, sarcastic, or a joke. This is the point of Uncyclopedia; it is a joke encyclopedia.

  • If you scroll down a little bit on every article, there will be a box that says, “…the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about (article title).” This redirects you to the more formal and serious version of the article in Wikipedia. WH.shared.addScrollLoadItem(‘f2b15f67a3c0537d073076b7a567b981’)

Writing and Editing Articles on Uncyclopedia

Create an account on Uncyclopedia

You can edit anonymously, like on wikiHow and Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, although it will show your IP address. If you create an account, your IP address will not be shown publicly if you make an edit.

  • You will be asked to enter a username, email, and password.
  • You will also be asked a question about the website. Before you create an account, search on the website about its policies and information. This is to prevent spammers and bots from automatically creating accounts on Uncyclopedia. This is the equivalent of CAPTCHA when creating a Wikipedia account. WH.shared.addScrollLoadItem(‘0f1b2c7f4b7fccad6e40a17bdb4f2111’)

Read up on How To Be Funny And Not Just Stupid to write a good Uncyclopedia article.

It shows you how to write a truly funny article filled with sarcasm, criticism, and jokes.

  • It tells you not to rant about everything bad in the article, and to not just make up a bunch of lies. The articles have some truth to them, so do not just lie about the subject you are writing about.

Write an article on Uncyclopedia.

After you’ve carefully read the guide, you can create an article. Just click on your user page and select “Create”.

  • Make sure you have a decent grasp on how to format articles, like formatting title sections, bolding and italicizing words. If you’ve written on Wikipedia before, this will help you, as the format is the same.

Edit an Uncyclopedia article.

Any users can edit an Uncyclopedia article.

  • Keep in mind that if you are a new user, the system will not allow you to edit popular articles. They will only allow older, more established users to edit them, as they have more experience in editing. WH.shared.addScrollLoadItem(‘565932312d0e28c8ff3276d2141a2f4c’)

Request a “Pee Review” of your article.

Yes, since Uncyclopedia is a parody of Wikipedia, the Peer Review feature of Wikipedia is parodied to become “Pee Review”. This feature allows authors of articles to ask other editors for advice about their articles. They will just add the {{PeeReview}} template onto their articles.

Knowing More About Uncyclopedia

Understand its inside jokes.

There are many articles which share similar Uncyclopedia jokes. For example, Uncyclopedia’s articles attribute quotes to random historical figures, such as Benjamin Disraeli. The most common person they attribute funny quotes to is Oscar Wilde. On Wikipedia’s page about Uncyclopedia, even they know about Oscar Wilde and his made up quotes.

  • One quote is shown here: WH.shared.addScrollLoadItem(‘0c875f95e9cee69a5ec365f526f595a7’)

Donate to Uncyclopedia.

Just like Wikipedia, Uncyclopedia allows you to donate a small sum of money to keep its encyclopedia going. You can donate through PayPal, Patreon, Bitcoin, or mail transactions.

Comparing Wikipedia and Uncyclopedia

Compare the logos.

The logos are pretty similar, although there are some differences.

  • Uncyclopedia’s logo is a 3D potato puzzle (a parody) and Wikipedia’s logo is a 3D puzzle.

Compare the front pages.

The home pages are similar, with the same sections.

  • In both encyclopedias, there are “Today’s featured article”, “In the news”, “On this day”, “Did you know …”, and “Today’s featured picture” sections.
  • Wikipedia has more sections, including a “From today’s featured list”, describing one of Wikipedia’s lists.

Compare the article content in the articles.

  • Uncyclopedia features a multitude of jokes, sarcasm, and childlike humor in their articles. Many parts of the article will be inaccurate. If it’s a historical figure’s article, the article might contain some criticism.
  • Wikipedia features neutral, accurate content (the article needs to have neutral sources cited correctly) in its articles. If an article is not neutral or has referenced sources poorly, there will be a tag on it. WH.shared.addScrollLoadItem(‘028076b05d8007cbdbade0dbe55f7f68’)

Compare the wikis’ projects.

Each of Wikipedia’s sister projects has an Uncyclopedia parody.

  • “Wiktionary” is called “Undictionary”.
  • “Wikinews” is called “UnNews”.
  • “wikiAnswers” is called “Why?”.
  • “wikiHow” is called “HowTo”.

Compare the signup processes.

The sign-up processes are similar; you have to input a username, password, and email address.

  • When signing up on Uncyclopedia, there will be no CAPTCHA; only a question that asks you about Uncyclopedia.
  • When signing up on Wikipedia, there will be a CAPTCHA. You will need to type the blurred words that come up on the screen. If you can’t see the words, you can request an account.

Compare the Village Pumps.

Wikipedia and Uncyclopedia both have village pumps, like many other wiki websites. The village pumps are forums in which editors discuss about Wikipedia’s policies, changes to articles, etc.

  • Uncyclopedia’s village pump is called “Village Dump”.


  • Make sure to read Uncyclopedia’s guide on How To Be Funny And Not Just Stupid if you want to write a truly humorous article.


  • Uncyclopedia contains inappropriate sexual innuendos and/or cursing in many of their articles. Read with caution.

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