How to Use Rainmeter

Rainmeter is a desktop customization tool for Windows. You can completely change the "look and feel" of your desktop with Rainmeter. 
However, there is a short learning curve. This article will help you get started.

Installing Rainmeter

Download Rainmeter from

The Rainmeter application is simple enough to install.

Just keep pressing “Next” when in doubt.

You have successfully installed Rainmeter.

A huge collection of skins should appear on your desktop.

Installing a Skin

Download a “skin”.

By the Rainmeter terminology, skins can be compared with widgets. Skins come in many styles, most new ones have a .rmskin extension.

Click on the skin to install the skin.

The installation window is a single-click job.

Right Click on any skin on your desktop(which were there after installation).

In the Right click menu, select: Right Click>Skins>NAME_OF_SKIN_PACK>Skin_name.

A new skin should pop up.

You can drag it around.

Deleting a Skin

Right click on the skin.

Select “Unload Skin” from the menu.

The skin should be removed.


  • Desktop icons in conjunction with skins is a hard trick to do. Removing all icons from the desktop is appreciated.
  • Good skins can easily be found after a simple google search.

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