How to Turn Off Apple TV

This minHour teaches you how to put your Apple TV in Sleep mode, which is the Apple TV's "Off" equivalent.

Using the Remote

Pick up the Apple TV’s remote.

If you have a 4th Generation Apple TV, the remote will have a glass touch surface on top; otherwise, the remote will be made of aluminum.

Press and hold the “Home” button for five seconds.

It’s the TV icon on the right side of the remote’s surface.

  • For 3rd Generation TVs and down, first press and hold Menu for three seconds, then hold down the Play/Pause button. Doing so will place your TV in Sleep mode.

Select Sleep.

When a menu pops up on your TV, should already be selected; if it isn’t, swipe up or down on your Apple TV remote’s touch surface to select it.

Tap the touch surface on your remote.

Doing so will place your Apple TV in sleep mode.

  • To awaken your Apple TV, simply press the Home (or Menu) button on the remote.

Using Settings

Press the “Home” button on your remote.

This will take you to the Apple TV’s Home Screen.

  • On 3rd Generation Apple TVs and older models, you’ll press and hold the “Menu” button for three seconds.

Select the Settings app.

It’s grey with gears on it. To navigate to it, scroll over to it by swiping over the touch surface on the remote.

  • On 3rd Generation Apple TVs and older models, use the arrows on the dial at the top of the remote to navigate.

Tap the touch surface on your remote.

Doing so will open your Apple TV’s Settings.

  • You’ll press the circular button in the middle of the dial for 3rd Generation TV’s (and older models).

Scroll down and select Sleep Now.

It’s at the bottom of the menu.

Tap the touch surface.

This will put your Apple TV to sleep.

  • For older remotes, press the circular button.


  • If you leave your TV alone for an hour (default), it will automatically go to sleep.
  • Unplug your Apple TV from the wall to completely disable its power consumption.

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