How to Transfer MB on Airtel

If you have wireless service with Bharti Airtel, you can share or transfer megabytes (MB) of data to any individual who also has service with Airtel. MB can be transferred once a day using shortcodes and the recipient’s phone number.  You can also add up to four customers to your Airtel data sharing group.  This minHour teaches you how to send MBs to another prepaid Airtel customer.

Sending MBs to an Airtel Customer

Verify that the individual to whom you’re transferring MB is on Airtel’s network.

You can only transfer MB to those who also have service with Airtel.

Determine the amount of MB you want to transfer.

At this time, you can only transfer MB in increments of 10, 25, and 60.

Dial *141*712*.

This is the start of the code to send MB on Airtel. Do not send the call just yet.

Add one of the following codes after the star (*).

Depending on how much data you want to send, add one of the following codes. You can only send data once per day.

  • 10 MB: 11*
  • 25 MB: 9*
  • 60 MB: 4*

Add the recipient’s number followed by a pound (#) sign.

Dial the recipients 10 digit number followed by the pound sign (#) after the star (*). The entire code should look something like this: *141*712*9*8888888888#

Send the call.

Press the button that resembles a phone on dial-pad to send the call. This sends data to the person you want to transfer data to. You can only make one transaction per day.

Follow the information on the screen.

After sending the call, follow the information on the screen for further instructions.


  • Airtel may charge fees for transferring MB on Airtel’s network. To verify the fee for transferring MB based on your wireless data plan, dial *141*1* from your Airtel phone.

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