How to Top Up Your Phone

One of the few perks of having a prepaid phone is that you get to decide how much you like to spend on the service. You can use any mobile service that meets your budget. One downside, though, is that your phone doesn’t automatically get new airtime balance every month. But you shouldn’t worry because reloading airtime balance to your phone is easy to do.

Buying Top-Up Cards

Find a store that sells top-up cards.

Most prepaid phones can be topped up using prepaid load cards. All you need to do is to find a retail store or convenience outlet that sells the top-up card specifically for the network service provider/carrier you’re using.

Go up to the cashier and purchase a top-up card.

Prices of these prepaid load cards are the same as the value they hold. Choose the amount of airtime you need to top up. The available denominations of cards will depend on what network service provider you’re using.

Get the card number.

You’ll need the unique card number to load the valued of the top-up card to your phone. The card number will either be on the receipt the store gives to you after payment or on the back of the card, in which you have to scratch off the grayed area to view it.

Follow the network-specific instructions on how to use the card.

You’ll have to call a specific number (depending on your service provider) displayed at the back of the card and enter the card number to top up the value to your phone.

  • You’ll receive a confirmation message that you’ve successfully topped up your phone.

Topping Up from ATMs

Find an ATM that handles phone top-up transactions.

You’ll see the green “mobile top up” logo on the ATM that supports this kind of service.

Insert your ATM card into the machine.

Do this just like you’d normally do when making withdrawals.

Find and select the top-up option.

Select “Other Transactions” from the ATM’s main menu and choose “Top-Up” from the list of options.

Select a denomination.

Choose the denomination you like to top-up and enter the mobile number of the phone you’re going to load the value to.

Enter your ATM’s PIN code.

When you’re done, press “OK” to continue with the transaction.

Check your phone to see if the top-up credits has been loaded.

Depending on your carrier, you may have to call a certain number to check for airtime balance or send a text message to a certain number.

Topping Up Online

Go to your network service provider online.

Open a web browser on your computer and visit the website of your network service provider or carrier.

Look for the prepaid loading service of your provider.

This is usually located on the home page; just click its link.

Log into your account.

You will be required to log into the account with your service provider by entering a username/email address and password, or by entering your mobile phone number.

Select a denomination.

Choose the amount or denomination you’d like to load to your phone.

  • Remember that values differ from one carrier to another.

Pay for the top-up.

Enter your credit/debit card details on the payment section to pay for the top-up value you’re going to buy.

Wait for the top-up credits to arrive.

This will take only a few seconds. You’ll receive a confirmation message that the value has been topped up to your phone.

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