How to Take a Hard Case Off a Phone

Hard cases made of plastic are great protection for your phone, but they can be difficult to take off. It can be tough to use the right amount of pressure when removing your case while still being gentle with your phone. Fortunately, there are a few tricks you can use to take your hard case off quickly and safely.

Removing the Case by Hand

Lay a towel down on the table to cushion your phone.

If you accidentally drop your phone or it falls out of the case when you’re not expecting it, you could damage your screen. Put down a soft towel or a pillowcase before you remove the case for extra protection.

  • Make sure you are working with a table underneath your phone so it doesn’t accidentally fall on the floor.

Start with the side that has the fewest number of buttons on it.

Take a look at your phone and determine which side will be the easiest to take off. Usually, it’s the side that doesn’t have the volume buttons on it.

  • The side without the buttons will be easier to take off since there is less bulk to work around.

Put your thumbnail under the case in the bottom corner.

Carefully poke your nail in between your case and your phone, trying not to bend your case too much. Wiggle your nail back and forth if you’re having trouble fitting it in between the case and your phone.

  • If you don’t have long nails, try using a credit card instead.

Pry the bottom corner of the case away from your phone.

Pull the case down and outwards to gently move it away from your phone. Try not to bend your case at all so that you don’t damage your phone.

  • The bottom corner is usually easier to pull off first, since it’s the furthest away from any of the side buttons.

Pull the top corner of the case away from your phone.

Use your thumbnail again to pull the top corner on the same side of your case out and downward. Keep a good grip on your phone while you do, as it might slip out of the case once you pull the top corner off.

Pop the entire side of the case off.

Slide your thumb down to get the rest of the case off. Your case may have fallen off one side of your phone already, which works too! Get ready to catch it in case your phone falls out of the case.

Drop your phone out of the case.

Tip your case over and let your phone fall out of the other side. Since one side is already off, be ready to catch your phone as it easily slides out.

  • You can also grab your phone and pull it out of the case if it’s being difficult.

Using a Prying Tool

Find a seam in your phone case if it has one.

Some cases are put together with 2 pieces of plastic instead of 1 solid piece. Look for the seam in the outer edges of your phone case so you know where to start taking your case apart.

  • If you had to put your phone case on in 2 pieces, it most likely has a seam on the sides.

Insert the tip of the prying tool in the seam of your case.

Prying tools are small plastic tools with a flat tip at the end. Use the flat tip to pick apart the seam of your phone case and wedge the tool in between the 2 sides.

  • You can find prying tools for phone cases at most tech supply stores.

Slide the tool down the side of your case.

Make sure the tool is really wedged in between the 2 sides so that it stays in the seam the whole time. Use the tool to separate the case all the way down one side.

  • Try not to force the tool down too hard, or you could break your case. Go slowly and gently all the way down.
  • You may hear some slight popping or cracking as the case separates.

Pop the side of the case off with the prying tool.

Once you reach the bottom of one side, use the tool to gently pop the top of the case off the back. This should separate the majority of the case from the back side so that it’s easy to remove.

  • Think of your prying tool as a tiny crowbar to pry the pieces of your case apart.

Use the prying tool on the other side of the case.

If the other side of your case is still attached, wedge the tip of the prying tool in between the seams on that side and then slide it down until the whole thing pops off. Then, you can take apart your case and remove it from your phone.


  • Wash your case off with water and hand soap once you take it off.

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