How to Stitch Images Together Using Microsoft Image Composite Editor

Sometimes, you just can't get a whole picture of something in your viewfinder, so you don't have separate shots. Microsoft Image Composite Editor makes short work of reassembling them and it's free.


If you don’t already have the software, go to

Download and install it. It comes in the Microsoft installer package.

After installing it, start up the software.

This image shows you what you will see then.

Click on File >> New and then navigate to where your images are.

If they are not contiguous, use CTRL to select them. Click on Open.

Wait a bit, depending on how many images you are using.

Once it is completed, you will see it come up on the screen.

Zoom into your image.

You will notice that adjustments had to be made for it to fit together. You will need to crop it.

Using the ‘handlebars’ on the crop outline that you see, move them so that the images is cropped the way you want it to be.

Once you have it how you want it, click on the crop icon.

Alternatively, you can select Automatic Cropping and it will crop it how it sees fit…without the rough edges. Be aware that it won’t look any different in the program. You will see the difference when you Export it.

Click on ‘Export to Disk…’.

You will be saving it in another format, such as JPG. Be sure you save it where you can find it.


  • If you want to do a panorama with this software, set the stitch for Rotating Motion.

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