How to Set a Website as Your Desktop Background in Windows

Want to go to your favorite website without even having to log on to the Internet? Read on!
This method is written for Windows, and if you are not connected to the internet you will not see the most up-to-date version of the site.


Go to your desktop and right-click anywhere.

Click on Properties.

Click on the desktop tab.

Then at the bottom of that window there should be a button that says Customize Desktop – click it.

A new window should pop up.

Click on the Web tab. Click where it says New to the right.

Where it says location enter the URL of your favorite website or any website.

A new window should pop up saying you have chosen to make this site available offline – click OK.

It will then download the webpage you entered, including images and additional files, straight to your desktop.


  • If you are connected to the internet, you have the ability to synchronize pages so that it will be up to date.
  • There is no configuration or tool to resize the window when the web page shows up on your desktop.
  • you can make full size of window by using same background

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