How to See Your Watch History on TikTok in 5 Easy Steps

Are you trying to find a TikTok video that you forgot to like? Don't worry, it's not gone forever! You can easily see all of the TikToks you've watched over the past 7 days in your watch history. We'll show you how to view your watch history on TikTok using your Android, iPhone, or iPad.


Open TikTok and tap Profile.

You’ll see this person-shaped icon at the bottom-right corner of TikTok.

  • If you haven’t updated TikTok in a while, you may need to do so before you’ll be able to find your watch history. You can easily update the app on your iPhone or Android through App Store or Play Store.

Tap the three-line menu ☰.

You’ll see it at the top-right corner of your profile.

Tap Settings and privacy.

It’s at the bottom of the menu.

Tap Watch history.

You’ll see it in the “Content & Activity” section near the middle of the page.

Scroll through the videos.

Now you’ll see all of the videos you’ve watched over the past 7 days!

  • If you don’t see any videos on this page, this probably means your watch history is turned off. To enable it, tap on the gear icon in the top left corner, then toggle on Watch history.
  • Want to clear your watch history? It’s easy—just tap the gear at the top-right corner of your watch history, then tap Clear history.

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