How to See Buy Orders on Steam

You can place an order on the Steam Community Market to set the price you want to pay for that item. When the item is available for that price, your buy order will automatically purchase it. You can have up to 10 times your wallet balance in active buy orders, and the orders will remain active until they go through. This minHour will teach you how to view your list of active buy orders on Steam.


Go to a web browser.

You can use any web browser you want to to view your buy orders on Steam.

Log in.

You need to be logged into your Steam account to see your active buy orders. If you are already logged in, you can skip this step.

Find your orders under “My buy orders.”

If you have any open orders, they will appear in this section of the Community Market front page.

Click a buy order to see its details.

This displays information about the buy order.

  • If you want to cancel an open buy order, click Cancel.
  • If a buy order was canceled for seemingly no reason, it’s likely because of changes in your Steam account, problems with your wallet balance, or because something about the item has changed.

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