How to Replace a Projector Lamp

It's just another day of enjoying your Projector or Rear Projection TV when all of a sudden you see the dreaded lamp warning indicator telling you it will be time soon to replace the projector lamp. With these simple steps, you will learn how to replace a projector lamp and be back to enjoying your projector or TV in no time.


Gather the necessary tools.

Luckily, you’ll only need a manual screwdriver to remove the panel. You will also want to have a soft, non-abrasive cloth handy to help avoid any contact with your fingers and the lamp assembly. A Micro-Fiber Cleaning Cloth is recommended.

Turn off TV or Projector.

After the unit has cooled down properly, remove the power cord from the outlet and the unit completely.

Remove Lamp Compartment Door.

The lamp compartment on projectors is usually located underneath the projector unit. For Rear Projection TVs, the lamp compartment should be located in the rear towards the bottom left or right side of the TV. 2-4 screws will be holding the compartment in place. Removed the screws and the lamp compartment door.

Remove Lamp Assembly.

Carefully pull out the lamp assembly and disconnect any power cords that may still be connected to the lamp assembly. Put it aside and don’t get it confused with your new lamp!

Clean Lamp Compartment.

Dust gets everywhere and while you have the projector open, use a soft cloth or micro-fiber cleaning cloth to remove any loose dust from the lamp compartment.

Insert New Lamp Assembly.

Carefully reconnect any power cables to the new lamp if present and slide the new lamp into the compartment in the same orientation that the original lamp came out.

Replace Lamp Compartment Door.

Set the lamp compartment door back into place and securely screw in the door without screwing it in too tightly.

Reset the lamp timer.

Instructions on how to do this should be covered by the instruction manual.

You’re Done!

Enjoy your projector or TV again and make sure you have a backup lamp handy in case the lights go out unexpectedly.


  • Save money by taking care of your projector lamp before and after it is installed.
  • Micro-Fiber Cleaning Cloths are ideal for the handling of Projector Lamp Assemblies.
  • Have a ton of cables plugged into your projector or TV? Mark each cable with tape and label each cable with what it should be plugged into before you replace the lamp. You will be surprised how easy it is to forget where things go.


  • Do NOT touch the lamp assembly directly with your hands. Skin oils are known to affect the life of your projector lamp causing the lamp to overheat and prematurely fail.
  • Be Green. For information on how to properly dispose of your lamp, visit

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