How to remove the paint on the ground

If the ground is smooth tiles or polished cement, it can be quickly removed with a small shovel. The slightly rough ground can also be brushed off with steel wire ball or hard brush after being softened by heated water. If it is a wooden floor, you can first use gasoline, dilute sodium water, paint thinner or nail remover and other organic solvents to repeatedly smear the paint stains. The stubborn traces that cannot be wiped off can be scraped off with hard plastic or hardwood chips.


Rapid removal method of paint on the ground

  • Paint thinner

The paint thinner, also called banana water, is specially used to clean the residue of decoration paint. When using, apply the thinner on the paint. After the thinner is soaked, brush it with clean water to remove the paint. If the paint is sticky, repeat the above steps and wipe repeatedly until all the paint is cleaned.

Tips: Do not use this method for wood flooring when it is unnecessary, because paint thinner may remove the wood paint at the same time. Moreover, after using paint thinner, the drying rate of wood materials after painting will decrease. In addition, since the gas volatilized by the diluent is harmful to human health, pay attention to the protective measures when using it, and wash the hands in time if it is splashed.

  • Blade+organic solvent (gasoline, alcohol, etc.)

If the ground is smooth, you can use a small shovel or wallpaper knife to remove large pieces of paint. For the remaining residue, dip the cotton in gasoline and scrub repeatedly.

Or you can use a rag dipped in gasoline, alcohol and other organic solvents to cover the coating surface for a period of time to soften the coating, and then use a blade to clean it.

Tips: The blade is easy to damage the wooden floor, so it is not recommended to use this method on the wooden floor. This solvent treatment also has a strong taste. After treatment, you must remember to open the window for ventilation.

  • Hot water or tempered alkali immersion

The paint will soften when it is heated. When cleaning, you can soak it in hot water for about half an hour, and the edges and corners of the paint will roll up. At this time, it is easy to erase. If it is a very stubborn paint, it is recommended to simply soak it with tempering alkali under the premise of safety, which can also make the paint soften quickly.

Tips: This method must pay attention to safety. The method of “applying facial mask” can be used for the “soaking” of wood floor.

  • Grinding

If the paint is too stubborn to be removed, it can only be polished and repainted.

Tips: Some wood floor materials are not suitable for polishing, so it is better to consult the manufacturer before treatment.

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