How to Remove Email Accounts from a Mac

To remove email accounts from a Mac, click on the Apple menu → click on System Preferences → Click on "Internet Accounts" → Click on the email account you wish to remove → Click on "-" → Then, click on "Ok."


Click on the Apple menu.

It’s the black, apple-shaped icon in the upper-left of your screen.

Click on System Preferences.

Click on Internet Accounts.

It’s the blue “@” icon in the center of the window.

Click on the account you wish to delete.

The accounts are listed in the pane on the left side of the dialog box.

Click on -.

It’s the account list window.

Click on Ok.

The email account has been removed from your Mac.

  • Repeat these steps for each account you wish to delete.


  • If you want to remove the email/Mail app capability for an account without removing the account altogether, you can just uncheck the box next to the Mail icon for that account.

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