How to Record an Event on a Dish Hopper

Everyone knows that the Dish Hopper can get very complicated. Here are some ways you can record your favorite shows on the Dish Hopper!


Turn on your Dish Hopper.

The power button is different on different remotes.

Open the Menu.

Now you will see a lot of different things.

Open the Guide.

You will now see all the TV schedules.

Click on the event you want to record.

After you click on the event you want to record, a small screen will show up.

You will see 5 choices. Press on “Record This”.

Now you will see a Loading screen.

Wait for the receiver to set the timer.

  • There will be a small picture of a clock on the event. That means the event has been recorded.


  • If you cannot find the event you want to record, go back to the menu. Then, go to SEARCH, and search in the event’s name.


  • Do not install different types of remotes, or you won’t know which button is which.

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