How to Purchase a Windows Product Key

A Windows Product Key is a unique key that comes with a purchase of Microsoft software. It can be used to help identify, install, and even potentially restore the software to your PC or Mac if you purchased a Microsoft product previously. Windows 10 uses a digital license that is tied to your Microsoft account.  It is no longer necessary to enter a product key when installing Windows 10.  You can still purchase a Windows 10 license from Microsoft.

Purchasing a Product Key on a Windows Computer

Click the Windows Start menu.

It’s the button that has the Windows logo in the lower-left corner of the task bar. This displays the Start menu.

Click the Settings icon.

It’s the icon that resembles a gear on the left side of the Windows Start menu. This opens the Settings menu.

Click Update & Security.

It’s next to an icon with two arching arrows.

Click Activation.

It’s next to a checkmark icon in the sidebar to the left.

Click Go to store.

It’s next to an icon that resembles a shopping bag with the Windows logo on it. This opens the Windows Purchase screen in the Microsoft Store.

Click Buy.

It’s the blue button below the price. The price for Windows 10 varies depending on which version you have.

Enter your pin or password.

This confirms your identity.

  • You may be asked to enter the email address and password associated with your Microsoft account, if you are not already logged in.

Confirm your payment method and click Buy.

The last four digits of the card on file are listed at the top of the page. If this is the card you wish to use, click . This purchases your Windows license.

  • If the card of file is not correct, click Change next to the card and click Add a new payment method. Select the payment method and fill out the form to add a new payment method.

Purchasing a Product Key from the Microsoft Website

Open your preferred internet browser.

On PC, you can find your preferred web browser in the Start menu, or on your desktop. On Mac, you can select your preferred internet browser in your Dock or by finding it in your Applications folder.

Navigate to

Microsoft’s website can be found at

Click Sign In.

It’s in the upper-right corner of the Windows website. This is where you sign in with your Microsoft account.

Sign in with your Windows account.

Enter the email address associated with your Microsoft account and click . Then enter your password and click .

  • If you do not have a Microsoft account, click Create One below the bar where you enter your email address. Answer the questions to create a new Microsoft account.

Click Windows in the menu bar.

The menu bar is across the top left of the window. This will open the Windows page.

Click Windows 10.

It’s next to the “Windows” button in the upper-left corner of the website. This displays a drop-down menu below the button.

Click Get Windows 10.

It’s the first option at the top of the drop-down menu.

Select Get Windows 10 OS and click Next.

It’s the large box that has an icon that resembles a software box with the Windows logo on it.

Select Get Windows 10 OS and click Next, again.

It’s the large box that has an icon that resembles a software box with the Windows logo on it.

Choose a Windows product to purchase.

Select the Windows product that is best for your intended use.

  • Select Home for personal use.
  • Select School/Education for use in a school.
  • Select Business for business use.

Click See Results or Next.

This displays a list of available products for Windows.

  • For School/Education, you will need to select if it’s for k-8, high school-college, or teacher/administrator.

Click Add to cart – Download or Add to card – USB.

“Download” directly downloads the Windows install file to your computer. “USB” allows you to download the image file to a USB drive. These options are available for both Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro.

Click Check Out.

This is in the blue bottom to the right of the cart. You will then be prompted to Sign In to your Microsoft Account.

Sign In to your Microsoft Account.

This will take you to the payments page.

Enter your payment information.

You will need to provide your credit card information in order to purchase a copy of Windows 10.

Confirm your purchase.

Once you have confirmed your purchase, you will be able to download your new Microsoft Product and have access to the Windows Product Key.

  • If you need help installing Windows 10, read “How to Install Windows 10” for more help.


  • To purchase a Windows Product Key, you must purchase the software that comes with it.
  • To purchase any Microsoft products, you must have a Microsoft account.

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