How to Program a Samsung Remote to Work with a Cable Box

Are you trying to get your Samsung remote to work with your cable box? Fortunately, it's never been easier to program your Samsung remote. They have a sleek and sturdy design and are a great option for a multi-purpose remote. This minhour article will teach you how to program a Samsung remote to work with your cable box.


Turn off your cable box.

You will want to start your Samsung remote’s universal setup with your cable box turned off. This is because you will want to turn your cable box on using the newly paired Samsung remote.

  • Keep your television turned on. You will want its onscreen display in future steps.

Connect your remote as a “Universal Remote.”

Newer Samsung remotes have built-in universal remote functionality, and may be able to pair with your entertainment devices without relying on a TV code. To see if this applies to your remote, go to the “Home” section of your TV, click “Source” in the bottom left, and look for the “Universal Remote” option in the pop-up menu. If you see that option, simply click it, power on your cable box, and let the cable box guide you through the rest of the pairing process.

  • If your remote does not function as a “Universal Remote,” simply continue on with the following steps.

Press “Cable” or “Mode” on your Samsung remote.

If your Samsung remote has a “Cable” button, click it to let the remote know that you are trying to communicate with a cable box.

  • Newer Samsung TV remotes may only have a “Mode” button. Ensure your television set is turned on and click “Mode” repeatedly until the “Cable” setting is highlighted in the onscreen menu.

Click the “Set” button on your Samsung remote.

This button lets your remote know that you are trying to pair it with a new device.

  • Some Samsung remote models may only have a tiny “Set” button on the back of the remote. Grab a small pin or paperclip and use it to press the button.

Find the appropriate TV Code for your cable box.

Every remote-compatible device comes with a series of TV Codes, which can be used to pair the device with a remote. Each TV Code is specific to the model and manufacturer. For example, an Xfinity cable box will require a different code for a Samsung TV remote than it would for a Panasonic TV remote.

  • You can usually find these codes in the user manual for your cable box, or on the back of the device. If you are still having trouble, a quick Google search using the manufacturer’s name should help you find the codes you need.
  • TV Codes are anywhere from 3-5 digits.

Enter the TV Code and turn on your cable box.

Once you have found the correct TV Code, punch it in to your remote. Then, point your remote at your cable box and hit “Power” to turn it on. If you did everything right, the cable box should turn on, confirming its connection with your remote.

  • If your cable box does not turn on, click “Set” again on your remote and experiment with different TV Codes until you find the right one. Make sure you are using the codes specific to your remote’s model and manufacturer. If you are still having trouble, you may call the manufacturer directly and request the appropriate code.

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