How to Print a Booklet Using Adobe Reader

Printing a booklet involves setting multiple pages on single sheets in a page order other than chronological.


Launch Adobe Reader.

Use print.

Set the printer to another PDF printer if you like.

Or check Save to File.

Set Page Scaling to Booklet Printing.


  • Booklet subset to Both sides.
  • Sheets from 1 to (whatever number).
  • Auto-rotate pages.
  • Binding should be Left.

Now, if you print to PDF first to test, then you can turn off Page Order when you print.

  • On your printer you will need to set Duplex binding to open to Top!!!


  • Test your booklet before you print it.


  • You can do this in other software but it’s fiddly.
  • If your booklet is long, then print to another file so you can preview your booklet before you print it.

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