How to Open Sketch Files

Sketch is a Mac-specific application that handles graphic design similarly to Photoshop. With the Sketch software on your Mac, you can easily double-click the file to open it in Sketch. However, if you’re using a Mac and don’t have Sketch, you can download a 30-day trial of the application. But if you are on a Windows computer or don’t want to use Sketch, you can also use a browser application for editing graphic files called Photopea. You can also use Sketch Viewer if you want to view the document only. This minHour will show you how to open a Sketch file in Sketch, Photopea, or Sketch Viewer.

Using Photopea Windows or Mac

Go to

Photopea is a highly rated and suggested software that supports the editing of Sketch files. The software is free to use, but you can also opt to pay $9/mo to get rid of the ads. This also works in your web browser, so Photopea will work for both Mac and Windows computers.

Click the File tab.

You’ll see this above the editing space to the left.

Click Open.

A file browser will open.

Navigate to and double-click on your Sketch file.

Loading may take a moment, but your Sketch file will open in Photopea.

  • You can edit the file similarly to how you would in Photoshop. You can look at this wikiHow on How to use Photoshop Tools to learn more.

Using Sketch on a Mac

Go to

The Sketch download will start immediately. If not, click the “try again” text near the bottom of the web page.

Run the installer.

You’ll have to unpack the downloaded file, then drag and drop the application files into the Application folder to start.

Open Sketch.

You’ll find this in the Application folder in Finder.

Click the File tab.

You’ll find this in the top left corner of your screen.

Click Open.

A file browser will pop up.

Navigate to and double-click your file.

Your file will open in Sketch.

Viewing a Sketch File on PC or Mac

Go to

Sketch Web Viewer is a site that allows you only to view your Sketch project.

Click the outlined box.

A file browser will pop up. You can also drag-and-drop your Sketch file into your web browser. If you do, then you can skip the next step.

Navigate to and double-click your Sketch file.

Your Sketch file loads in the viewer with information on elements. For example, if your file has a banner layer across the top of the image, you will see the length and height of that box.


  • If you want to open your Sketch files in Photoshop, you first need to convert them with Photopea. After you open the file in your web browser, go to File > Save as PSD.

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