How to Open a VSDX File on PC or Mac

This minHour teaches you how to open and view the contents of a VSDX (Visio) document, using a computer. VSDX files are the native format to Microsoft's premium Visio app, and usually contain drawings, technical illustrations or flowcharts. You can open them in an internet browser or use a free desktop app.

Opening in Your Browser

Open in your internet browser.

Type this URL into your browser’s address bar, and press ↵ Enter or ⏎ Return on your keyboard.

  • You can use any desktop browser like Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Opera.

Click the Log in button on the top-right.

This is a dark gray button in the upper-right corner of your screen. It will open the login page.

  • Alternatively, click Sign up free here to create a new account, or click the sign up with Google button in the middle of the page to use your Google account.

Log in to the Lucidchart app.

You can use your registered email address to sign in, if you have one, or click one of the , or options here to sign in with one of these accounts.

Click the gray Import button.

You can find it next to near the upper-left corner of the document list on the “My Documents” page. It will open a drop-down menu.

  • When you sign in, Lucidchart will open up to the “My Documents” page. You can view all your saved and imported files here.

Click Import Visio on the drop-down menu.

This will open a new pop-up window.

Click Choose files in the pop-up.

It’s in the upper-left corner of the Import Visio pop-up.

  • Alternatively, you can drag and drop your VSDX file from your computer.

Select your VSDX file in the file navigator.

Find and click the VSDX file you want to open in your files, and then click the button.

Click Import in the pop-up.

This is a gray button in the lower-right corner of the Import Visio pop-up. It will upload your VSDX file, and open it in the Lucidchart app in your browser.

  • You can log in to your Lucidchart account on any desktop or mobile device, and open this VSDX file from your “My Documents” page.

Opening with An App

Open in your internet browser.

Type this URL into the address bar, and press ↵ Enter or ⏎ Return on your keyboard.

  • This is a free, open-source app that will open all VSD and VSDX files. It’s available on both Mac, PC, and Linux.
  • Alternatively, you can try other apps like CS Odessa ConceptDraw PRO (PC and Mac), Nektony VSD Viewer (Mac and iOS), or Microsoft Visio 2019 (PC).

Click the DOWNLOAD NOW button.

This is a green button in the middle of the welcome page. It will open a list of all the available versions on a new page.

Click DOWNLOAD next to the top option.

You’ll see the latest version of the app at the top of the “Download” list. It will download the app’s setup file to your default folder for downloads.

  • If you’re prompted, select a saving location in the file navigator pop-up.
  • Make sure the operating system (Mac, PC or Linux) selected above the Download button is the correct one for your computer.

Run the setup file in your downloads folder.

You’ll find a DMG setup file on Mac, and MSI or EXE file on Windows.

  • Find and open the downloaded setup file on your computer.
  • Follow the installation wizard’s steps to finish installing Lucidchart.

Right-click on the VSDX file you want to open on your computer.

Locate your VSDX file, and right-click on the file icon to see your options.

Hover over Open with on the right-click menu.

This will show a list of all the compatible programs on your computer to open this file.

Select LibreOffice on the “Open with” menu.

This will launch the LibreOffice app, and open your VSDX file here.

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