How to Move the Task Bar to the Top of the Screen in Windows

Ever want to mix things up on your computer screen?  Ever think about moving your task bar on the top for a twist?  Want your Windows 7 computer to look more like a Mac?  This article will tell you how to move your task bar anywhere on your screen.

Right-click the Start button.

Right-clicking the Start button on Windows 7 opens a small menu.

Click “Properties” on the menu.

This opens a new box will open called “Taskbar and Start Menu Properties”.

If this window doesn’t open to the tab, click the tab to go there now.

Uncheck “Lock the Taskbar”.

This is the first checkbox at the top of the window.

This will allow the task bar to be modified.

Click “OK.”

The window will close.

You can now move the taskbar.

Move the taskbar to the top.

With the mouse over the Task bar icon, hold down the right mouse button and drag it to the side.

After dragging it to the side you can drag it up to the top.


  • The task bar can be moved to the side or bottom from the top, just follow Steps 1-4, then drag the task bar to the place that you want to put it.
  • In Windows Vista and XP, the task bar can be unlocked and expanded by moving the cursor to the top of the task bar until two arrows appear, showing that the boundary can be moved.
  • If you have Windows Vista, you can simply type “start” in the search bar at the top right of the Control Panel window.


  • If too many items are added to the task bar, some of the items will not show up in the menu.

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