How to Make Your Computer Welcome You

Do you want your computer to (running on Windows operating system only) greet/welcome you whenever you switch on or restart it? Follow some simple steps to do so.


Press ‘Windows+R’ from your keyboard.

It’ll open ‘Run’ window.

Type notepad without the quote, and press the ‘Enter’ key.

It’ll open a ‘Notepad’ window.

Type these lines shown in the image below carefully.

Dim speaks, speechspeaks=”Welcome to your System, Paul. Have a wonderful time dear.”Set speech=CreateObject(“sapi.spvoice”)speech.Speak speaks

Like this.

In the 2nd line, i.e.

“speaks=” Type whatever you want your computer to speak” “.

Type the rest all as shown in the image.

Save the file under any name, but make sure to put in ‘.vbs’ followed by the file name (just like filename.vbs.)

  • For example, if you write “abc.vbs”, ‘abc’ will be the name of the file.

Click ‘windows start button’, and then ‘all programs’.

Scroll down,and look for a folder with a name that says ‘Startup’. (This step won’t work in Windows XP.)

Right click ‘Startup’ and click open.

It’ll open this folder window for you.

Place that file ‘abc.vbs’ in this folder.

Simple cut/copy and paste here.

Close the folder.

Turn off or restart your computer.

If you followed the same steps without any mistake, your computer will speak whatever you typed.


  • ‘.vbs’ is an extension to the file and stands for Visual Basic Script.
  • This is just a simple code written in Visual Basic programming language usually used in computer to welcome a user.


  • Make sure you didn’t Mute speakers the last time before turning off your computer.
  • Make sure speakers adapter is plugged and switched on.
  • Make sure your speakers are connected to your computer and the volume is audible to you.

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