How to Make Use of a Phone with No WiFi

There are those moments in life where you are sitting there, ready to get your phone out and start  chatting on Facebook and...there is no WiFi connection . However, there are still many ways of making use of a phone without WiFi, even without incurring high data costs.



Although excessive texting could rack up charges it is much cheaper than a data connection. It is also a great way of communicating with friends without the much-needed WiFi connection

  • A good idea would be to get an unlimited texting plan so you don’t have to worry about charges. However, its only worth it if you text a lot.

Call someone.

This was the use cell phones were intended for in first place. Sadly nobody uses this method consistently nowadays because of the social networking available. Being without WiFi for a period of time will allow you to try out the original method of cell phone communication.

  • Watch your minutes to avoid huge phone bills.
  • Depending on your plan, if you are really low on credit, you can ask your friends to phone you. Not all cell phone plans work this way, but some only charge you for minutes if you make the call, not if you receive it.

Listen to music.

Some cell phones come with music already on them, and others allow you to add your own music files. Why not use the WiFi free time to listen to some great tunes?

  • Wear headphones – you don’t want the people around you singing along do you.
  • If you haven’t got headphones make the volume quiet.

Take ‘selfies’.

The popularity of social media has made selfies commonplace, but most selfies taken are bad quality. This is the time you could try to shoot perfect selfies to share with your friends later on.

  • It’s also a good idea to take several high quality selfies and turn them into a collage later on.

Take landscape pictures.

Another way of entertaining yourself without WiFi is to take pictures of your surroundings. If clever enough, you could also Photoshop yourself into it later on and share with your friends.

Play games.

Very often, cell phones have some games that have been downloaded beforehand that don’t use WiFi. You could try some of them out and see what you think of them.

  • Turn background data off as some games will use data and therefore, use your credit/increase your bill.

Sort our your calendar.

Let’s admit it, most people have a messy phone calendar that they can be never bothered to sort out. Use this time to give your calendar a bit of a cleanup so it will be useable for later.

Take notes.

What you need to shop for tomorrow can be listed today to avoid stress because of lack of time.


  • Turn the mobile data OFF.
  • Texting costs money.
  • Phoning costs money.

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