How to Make Up an Excuse to Get Off the Phone

When you find yourself on a phone call that you want to get off of, there are a variety of excuses you can use to do so. Although lying is never good, sometimes it’s okay to fib a little to get out of a phone call when it isn’t the right moment to talk. The easiest ways to do so are to use situational or phone-related excuses to end the conversation or postpone it for later. Remember to always keep your word and call people back if you say you’re going to.

Pretend someone is at your door and you have to hang up to go get it.

Tell the caller that you just heard someone knocking at your door or ringing the doorbell and that you need to go see who it is.

Tell them you will call them back after you deal with it.

  • To make this excuse more realistic, knock on something wooden to make it sound like a knock on your door, or quietly open your front door and ring the doorbell.

Say that you are in the middle of something and that you will call them back.

Make up any household task or errand that you might realistically be doing.

Tell the caller it’s not a good time to talk and that you will have to talk to them later.

  • For example, you could say you are in the middle of cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking, getting dressed, or anything else you can think of on the spot.

Say you are about to eat right now and you can’t talk.

Tell the caller you just sat down for a meal, so it’s not a good time to talk.

Ask them to call you back later or tell them you will call them back when you’re done eating.

  • If the caller persists, say something like: “My food is getting cold, I will talk to you later after I eat.” or “I am sitting down to eat with friends and I don’t want to be rude, so I have to go.”
  • Keep in mind that this excuse will work best if you use it around a typical meal time.

Tell the caller you are about to go to sleep and will talk to them later.

Put on your best sleepy voice and say you are about to go to bed or that you are in the middle of taking a nap.

Ask the caller to call you back another time when you are awake enough to talk to them.

  • Try adding a fake yawn or act super drowsy and half-asleep for an extra touch.
  • Make sure you adapt this excuse to the time of day. For example, it would make most sense to say you are going to bed at night around a normal bedtime, whereas saying you are taking a nap would be more believable if it is the middle of a Sunday afternoon.

Say you have a meeting or conference call coming up and you need to hang up.

Check the time quickly and say you have a meeting or conference call at the next quarter of the hour so it’s believable.

Tell the caller you have to get ready and need to hang up.

  • For example, if it is 4:22, say you have a conference call at 4:30 and need to organize yourself for it.
  • This excuse will be most believable if you use it during standard business hours.

Pretend that you just remembered an important responsibility and have to go.

Interrupt the caller and say that you just remembered something you need to take care of urgently.

Act like you are in a rush, say you will talk to them later, and hang up the phone.

  • For instance, you could say something like: “I just remembered I have to pick up my nephew from soccer practice in 15 minutes, I have to go, bye!” or “Oh no, I just realized I have to go pick up my suit from the dry cleaner before they close at 5, I need to get going, bye!”

Say you have to go to the bathroom and will talk to the caller later.

Tell the caller you urgently need to go to the bathroom.

Ask them to call back later or say that you will call them back.

  • This is a great excuse to get off the phone fast. Most people will feel pretty awkward when you tell them you urgently need to go to the bathroom and won’t try to keep you on the line.

Make up a family emergency if you really need to get off the phone.

Say that someone just texted you about a death in the family or someone in the hospital and you need to hang up immediately.

Use this as a last resort excuse. Most callers will not try to keep you on the line after you say something like this.

  • Be very careful who you use this excuse to get off the phone with. Don’t use it on anyone that you are close to who it could affect emotionally.

Tell the caller you are getting another call you need to take.

Pretend like someone else is calling you and that you need to take the call.

Then say that you will call them back later and hang up the phone.

  • If you are talking on your mobile phone and have a landline nearby, you can turn up the ringer volume on the landline so it makes a ringing sound that the caller can hear through your mobile phone.

Say your phone is about to die so you have to hang up.

Act like you just checked your battery and it is getting low so your phone might die.

Say you need to hang up to preserve the battery because you can’t plug it in to charge it right now.

  • If you are really desperate to get off the phone, say your phone is about to die and then hang up right away. Turn your phone off or on airplane mode so that if the caller calls back it will seem like your phone really did die.

Pretend you are losing service and can’t hear the caller.

Say you are on the move and your signal is getting weak.

Tell the caller you can’t hear them well and will have to call them back when you have better service.

  • You can turn up the drama on this excuse and act like you don’t hear anything they are saying, then hang up. Say something like: “Hello, hello? Are you there? I think I’m losing service. I can’t hear…” Then hang up.

Say that your phone is acting funny for some reason and you will talk later.

Say your phone is making weird sounds or the screen is acting strangely.

Tell the caller that you need to hang up to figure out what is wrong.

  • For example, say something like: “I’m really sorry, but the audio on my phone sounds weird and it’s really hard to hear you. Can I hang up and call you back later after I figure out what’s wrong?”


  • Keep in mind that unknown numbers are usually never anyone you want to talk to. If it’s important, they can leave a voicemail.
  • Always call people back when you say you will so that you are known as a reliable person.
  • If a telemarketer calls, you don’t need to make any excuses to get off the phone. Feel free to just hang up.


  • You could lose friends or create family tension if you tell white lies or make up tales.

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