How to Make a Drama Series

Ever wanted to make something that stands out? Entertaining, maybe even moving but has a point. Then make a Television drama series.


Create an Idea.

If you want to create any TV series, you need an idea. Something that you can base your show around. Casualty is based around an ED department and Eastenders is based around the inhabitants of a square.

Create a script.

The script is what your actors and crew will follow to know what they say/do and what the episode is all about. Before writing your script you should create notes about characters, storylines and ideas – this should be the bible to follow when writing. You cannot have a show without a script – or series bible.

Start thinking about production.

If you want to produce it yourself, then you will need actors, film, sound and directors. If you want a company to produce it for you then send the script into them, along with a short pitch (a page or so on what the show is about). You have more chance if you send the script into a company that produces similar shows. Or you can just send the script to everyone.

If accepted, the company usually offers money, ask for a writing agent fist.

They will guide you on the amount of money to sell your idea for and will make sure the company is treating you fairly.

Create a Pilot.

The pilot episode is the first episode in your series. The events that happen in the pilot are what the show should be based around. Normally, after the pilot, the audience is asked what they think about it. If they like it, more episodes will be commissioned – if not, then the end is near.


Once you have everything you need, and the audience approves, you can start filming your show. You can film in a closed studio or get the audience in to watch (this normally happens with sitcom).


No body will watch the show if they don’t know about it.


  • Don’t create something that is too similar to another program, chances are it won’t be produced.
  • Watch other dramas before creating your own, see what the channel wants to produce or what the audience likes watching.
  • Attend a writing course or get your friends to read the script before submitting it. See what they think of it and whether they like the sound of the show.


  • Don’t create a story line that’s too similar to another. Change it slightly first.
  • Create a show name that you came up with, don’t steal a name.
  • Don’t say anything racist or sexist in the script, it won’t be accepted. The only way you are allowed to write in prejudice if you have character saying prejudice things, make sure the character is a bad person though. For example, if a favourite character is a minority and the shows main bad guy beats him up, then everyone will feel sorry for the good guy and hate the bad guy.

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