How to Install Spring Boot

This minHour will teach you how to download and install Spring on your Mac or Windows computer. Spring is a coding (like Java) environment that's free and you must have Java SDK v1.8 or higher.


Go to

You can also open a web browser and search to find the same result.

  • You can also go to “Manual Downloads” at and click the appropriate download for your computer (.zip for Windows and .tar.gz for Mac).

Click the appropriate download.

There are downloads listed for Mac, Linux, Windows, Visual Studio, and Theia.

Double-click the downloaded file.

Many web browsers will show you a notification when you have a download complete and you can click it to open it. If not, you’ll find the file in the Downloads folder.

Follow the on-screen instructions.

Since the file is a self-extracting file, you just need to double-click it to start it.

  • You’ll see an “Unpacking” window appear when you double-click the file.

Double-click the program file in the unpacked folder.

You’ll find the .dmg or .exe file in the “Release” folder that’s created when the downloaded file self-extracts.

  • After the file is extracted, you’ll be able to run the program and start creating Spring Boot applications.

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