How to Install Software Remotely

There are a variety of different reasons that someone may need to remotely install a piece of software on another computer. In many cases, someone may have both a work computer and a home computer, and does not want to install software on both machines. Using a remote control program, both systems can be used simultaneously, eliminating the need to be in the same location. Some people also use various forms of remote control systems to help out relatives and friends who may not be capable of executing certain tasks on their machines.

Find a remote control program.

To act as an administrator on a second machine, both computers must have remote control programs installed.

There are many different programs available on the market that allow remote control, including both paid and free options. A simple search engine query should pull up plenty of different options available. Once you have found a suitable program, you will want to install that program on both the first and second machine.

Take control of the machine.

Use the remote control software on your computer to log in to the second computer.

In most remote control programs, you will use one login for both machines, and specify which computer is intended to serve as the host and which is the administrative machine.

  • Some programs may require the host computer to give authorization in some manner.

Install the program.

Once you have control over the machine, installing the software is easy.

Much like using any other computer, the administrator can use his keyboard and mouse to navigate to the web browser and download and install the necessary software. It is important to remember that if there are passwords in place on the host machine, the administrator will need to possess those passwords in order to install a new application.

Release control of the machine.

Once the application is installed, the host machine no longer needs to remain under control.

Most software programs have a simple disconnect option that allows the connection to be broken. This will return the first computer to the control of its owner, or in the case of a secondary computer, will simply break the remote connection.


  • Regardless of what purpose a remote control program is needed for software installation, these simply steps should be enough to get your application installed on another machine in no time.
  • Not only is remote control a great option for busy professionals with multiple machines, but it is also handy for users who may need routine access to a particular file across systems. Instead of constantly sending it back and forth, remote control allows it to be accessed and saved from one single location.

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