How to Install MediaWiki

Ever wanted to start your own wiki?  This page guides you through the process of installing the latest stable version of MediaWiki software, the powerful, widely used wiki platform that powers Wikipedia, wikiHow, and many other wiki projects.

Local Server

Install web server software

Download MediaWiki to your local computer.

Uncompress the files into the root directory of your website (not in a subdirectory).


Rename the unzipped directory to the name you want to appear in the URL (for example, name it “wiki” if you want the URL

CHMOD the permission settings for the “config” subdirectory to 770, so that it is writable by the web server (Linux only).


Go to the the directory in your web browser (e.g. http://localhost/wiki/).

Click the link to begin configuring.

Fill out the form, following the instructions.

  • Enter a name for the database, database user and password.WH.shared.addScrollLoadItem(‘7ab0d22f6b10ce96dd1978c29614f9a2’)
  • Select “use superuser account” if the database and database user do not already exist (no need to change superuser name or password).WH.shared.addScrollLoadItem(‘b90ea3f5e91d6787709975479481d58e’)

Complete the installation.

Move the LocalSettings.php from the config directory to the wiki’s root directory (

Hosted Server

If you know the root password for your MySQL server, the MediaWiki setup script can automatically create a database and an account to access it.

Skip to the “Run the installation script” section below.

If you don’t know the root password for your MySQL server, you need to create a MySQL database and a user before installing MediaWiki.

You can do this using various control panels such as PhpMyAdmin. See the corresponding documentation. Most web hosting services provide a MySQL database along with your hosting account. If that is the case, use the MySQL credentials provided by your host along with the database name, and then specify something like mw_ as table prefix. This will allow MediaWiki to tell what tables belong to it. Alternatively, ask your hosting service to create an account for, then proceed as above.


  • Don’t want to spend the time configuring MediaWiki? There are many sites that are willing to host your wiki, subject to their terms of use.
  • Customise your wiki to your liking with skins. Read Change Your MediaWiki Skin for help using pre-existing skins, or read Create a MediaWiki Skin from Scratch to make your own.


  • Trying to install some software may be in violation of your host’s terms of service. Read your agreement with the hosting service, and ask your system administrator for permission before you install software on the server.

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