How to Identify a Samsung Phone Model (Find Your Samsung Model Number)

Knowing the model of your phone is important! If you are trying to buy a replacement battery, troubleshoot specific issues, or just figure out how old your phone is, you will need to know its model. Luckily, there are two simple ways to find the model of your Samsung phone using its model number. This minHour article will teach you how to identify your Samsung phone.

Finding Your Model Number on the Back of Your Phone

Take off your phone case.

For this method, you will need to see the back of the phone itself, so remove anything that may be covering it.

Locate the model number on the back of your phone.

For Samsung phones with integrated batteries, the model number should be at the bottom of the back of your phone in small text.

  • If you are using an older Samsung phone with a removable battery, take the battery out and look at the battery compartment for the model number.
  • The model number should begin with “SM”.

Look up Samsung (model number).

On the results page of your search engine of choice, the top result should be the manual for your phone from Samsung. The model of your phone will be listed in the title.

Finding Your Model Number through Settings

Open Settings.

The Settings app icon is a white gear on a blue or gray background.

Tap About Phone.

This page will display a variety of information about your phone including its serial number, its software and battery information, and most importantly, its model number, which can be used to find its model.

Find the “Model Number” section.

The model number of your phone will be at the right of this section and should begin with “SM”.

Search the web for Samsung (model number).

This should bring up the Samsung manual for your phone with the phone model listed in the title.

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