How to Hide Your E Mail on Your Facebook Profile

This article will quickly explain how to hide your email address from people who view your Facebook account. Facebook has privacy controls which allow you to select which groups of people can view certain information on your page, and these settings are very easy to access.

Log in to your Facebook account.

Visit and sign in.

This takes you to your Facebook feed.

Go to your profile.

Click your name at the top-left corner to open your profile.

Now you’ll see your own timeline.

Click “Edit Profile.”

You’ll see the Edit Profile button at the top-right corner.

Some general information you can edit will appear.

Edit your “About” info.

Click Edit your about info at the bottom of the window.

Now you’ll have a more detailed view of items you can edit.

Click “Contacts and basic info.”

The Contacts and basic info tab is on the left side of the screen.

This displays your email address, phone number, and other contact details.

Change the privacy of your email address.

Click the pencil icon next to your email address and choose Only me.

This ensures that your email address is hidden from everyone on Facebook except you.

Save your changes.

Click the blue Save button.

Your profile privacy settings will update right away.

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