How to Hide Files and Folders Using Batch Files

Sometimes you give your pen drive to people, maybe your friends, family or anyone, but your personal stuff is on it. You don't want to let them get to those personal files or folders. So if you want to make your very own folder and file hider, read this article!


Open Run (⊞ Win+R) and type notepad.

Then hit ↵ Enter. Notepad will appear on your screen.

Copy down the code below OR download the file below: (Password for the file while extracting is fld32G).

Extract the files and place it in your pen drive.

Place the program next to the file or folder you want to hide.

Open the Program.

Hit 2 (to hide the file or folder) and then ↵ Enter. Type the name of the folder or file you want to hide then hit ↵ Enter. Once you’re done the file/folder will be hidden and no one will ever know unless they will be suspicious of your pen drives size increase.

Unhide your files using the same program if you want to.

Just open the program and then hit 1 and then ↵ Enter. Then type the name of the file/folder you want to unhide and voila!, If you have forgotten the name of the file or folder you’ve hidden then open the ‘Folder and files hidden.txt’ which will tell you all the files and folders you have hidden.

And there you have it.

You can edit the code to make it run better or customize the name of the text file it makes using notepad.



  • You can edit the program using any text (.txt) editor you want, but notepad++ works best.
  • Remove the program and the text file from your pen drive once you’ve done using it.
  • You can edit the program using Notepad


  • The author of this program does not take any responsibility to the data lose your might face due to your foolishness and misuse.
  • People these days are getting smarter and with the power of the internet they could find this article and make their very own folder file hider and get to your files, so it really depends on who your give your pen drive too!

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