How to Get a Replacement Phone from ATT

If you use AT&T for your wireless service and your phone malfunctions, gets lost, or gets damaged, you may be able to get a replacement for little to no charge. If you bought your phone recently and it has a technical problem, it could be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and you can easily send it in for a replacement. Otherwise, you can get your phone completely replaced if you opted for mobile insurance with AT&T and Asurion, their insurance partner. If you’re covered by warranty or insurance, you’ll get a replacement phone within a few days!

Exchanging Phones under Warranty

Check the warranty terms and conditions to figure out if your phone is eligible.

Only devices you bought from AT&T or an official reseller are covered by a warranty. The devices also cannot have any liquid or physical damage on them, or they will be deemed ineligible. If you bought your phone new, the warranty lasts for 1 year after the date you purchased it. If you bought the device as “Certified-Like-New” or “Certified Restored,” then the warranty covers it for 90 days after you buy it.

  • Apple products, such as iPhones and iPads, can only be taken to an Apple Store or use the AppleCare warranty.
  • AT&T Certified Pre-Owned phones are not covered by warranty.
  • If you bought the phone anywhere else besides AT&T, use the warranty that the manufacturer provides with your phone.

Call 800-331-0500 to reach the AT&T customer service line.

Once you reach the support line, let them know that your phone has a malfunction or defect and that you’d like a replacement. Give the customer support operator your AT&T account information, which may include an email address and phone number, so they can confirm the warranty and service. The customer support operator will direct you on any further steps or actions you need to take.

  • You may be able to take your phone directly into an AT&T store to make a warranty claim, but they may not be able to replace it on the same day.
  • Be respectful while you’re on the line with customer support.

Wait 4–6 days for the replacement phone to come in the mail.

After AT&T receives your warranty claim, they will send you a replacement phone that’s either the same or similar to the model that you already have. The phone you get may be refurbished or previously owned, but it will have another 90-day warranty in case it’s also defective.

  • You may also pay for expedited shipping and receive your replacement within 1–2 days instead.

Send your old phone back to AT&T within 10 days using the provided shipping.

You will receive return postage for your old phone in the package with your replacement. Put your old phone in the box and put on the prepaid label on the front. Take the box to the post office or send it with your regular mail within 10 days, or else you’ll get charged the full price of your device.

  • Use the package tracking available on the provided postage label to make sure your old phone arrives at the warranty center. If it doesn’t, then you need to make a claim with the postal service.

Pay a fee on your next bill if your phone was deemed ineligible for warranty.

If your old phone was covered by the warranty and didn’t have other damage, then you won’t have to pay for anything. However, if your device had damage or didn’t meet the warranty requirements, you’ll see a bill on your next statement for the cost of your new phone. Make the additional payment on your bill right away to avoid any other additional fees.

  • You may be able to negotiate with AT&T to break the fee into smaller payments across multiple bills if you aren’t able to pay the charge upfront.

Making an Insurance Claim

Sign up for AT&T wireless insurance within 30 days of a purchase or upgrade.

AT&T offers 3 different levels of insurance that each have their own perks and benefits. Each level of insurance will offer replacement phones if your old one malfunctions or gets lost, stolen, or damaged. Make sure you opt in to the insurance program soon after you buy or upgrade your phone or else you won’t be eligible for insurance.

  • Standard mobile insurance costs around $9 USD a month and will only cover replacement phones.
  • The AT&T Mobile Protection Pack is around $12 USD a month and also offers a tech support app and photo storage.
  • The AT&T Multi-Device Protection Pack offers all services for up to 3 lines for $35 USD a month.
  • If you’re already enrolled in one of the insurance programs, you can change which level you’re on at any time.

Start a claim on the AT&T and Asurion website.

AT&T uses the insurance site Asurion for its coverage and replacement phones. Log onto the website and click on “Start Claim” in the middle of the screen. Type in your mobile phone number and the passcode you use for AT&T log-ins. Fill out the claim form in its entirety before hitting the “Submit Claim” button.

  • You can start your insurance claim here:
  • You must make your claim within 60 days of when your phone gets lost or damaged. Otherwise, you may have to pay the full price for a replacement.
  • Double-check all of your information before you submit it just in case you made a mistake.
  • If your phone was stolen, the site may prompt you to deactivate your service for the time being.

Wait 1–3 days for your replacement phone to come in the mail.

If you filed your claim on a weekday, then you should receive your replacement phone the following day. If you filed your claim on the weekend, it may take 2–3 days for you to receive your replacement. Once you receive the new phone, you can start using it immediately.

  • If your new phone isn’t working, you may need to take it into an AT&T location to have them activate it for you.

Pay the deductible for your device on the following wireless bill.

The amount you pay for your deductible depends on what type of phone you have. Cheaper flip phones or non-smart devices may only cost $25–75 USD for a deductible while newer smartphones will cost around $225–299 USD when you replace them. Pay the deductible in full during your next billing cycle to avoid any additional fees.

  • You can only make 2 insurance claims with $1,500 USD of device coverage each per year.
  • You may be able to break the deductible into smaller payments spread out over multiple months. Talk to AT&T customer support to find out your options.


  • You may be able to take your phone into an AT&T location near you to see if you’re able to get a replacement as well, but they may instruct you to make a claim online or wait for a replacement.
  • If you have an iPhone, then you need to make warranty claims at an Apple Store or a licensed Apple reseller.


  • You will have to buy a new phone if your old one was out of warranty or not covered by mobile insurance.
  • Phones that have liquid or physical damage are not eligible for warranty replacement, and you will have to pay for the full price of the device if you try to send it in.

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