How to Get a Refund from Bumble

If you accidentally upgraded your Bumble account or forgot to cancel a subscription, paying for it can be really frustrating when you don’t want the service. Sadly, Bumble clearly states any purchases you make are non-refundable. However, there are still some workarounds you could try that may help you get your money back. We’ll also walk you through how to cancel subscriptions for good so you don’t get charged again in the future!

Does Bumble offer refunds?

Unfortunately, Bumble does not give refunds directly.

According to their Terms and Conditions, any purchase made in the Bumble app is non-refundable, so you can’t request a refund through them even if you make an accidental purchase. Try not to panic about spending money in the app right away since there are a few other options you can try outside of Bumble.

  • If you live in Arizona, California, Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island, or Wisconsin, you can cancel a subscription before midnight of the 3rd business day following your subscription date with no penalties or obligations.

How might I still get a refund?

There’s a chance the App Store will refund your purchase.

If you’re using Bumble on an iPhone, go to and log in with your Apple ID and password. Click on the drop-down menu labeled “I’d Like to…” and select “Request a Refund.” Then, select the reason you want a refund, and choose Bumble from the list of purchases. Finally, click the Submit button.

  • You cannot request a refund if the charge is still pending.
  • It may take up to 30-60 days for your refund to reappear.

Google Play gives you 48 hours after a purchase to request a refund.

If you just made your purchase, then you still have time to get your refund. Visit and select the Google account you used to make your purchase. Select Bumble from the list of recent purchases that appears and continue to follow the prompts. When you’re finished, submit the form and wait for an email or notification back from the Play Store.

  • You’ll usually hear back about your refund within 1–4 business days.

How do I cancel a Bumble subscription on an iPhone?

End the subscription from the Media & Purchases menu in your settings.

Open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap on your name at the top of the screen. Click on the “Media & Purchases” option from the list and then tap on “View Account.” Sign in to your Apple ID if you need to and tap on “Subscriptions.” Then find Bumble from the list and tap on “Cancel Subscription.”

  • After canceling, your Bumble profile will still be active and you’ll still have the perks of your Bumble subscription until the listed expiration date.

How do I cancel a Bumble subscription on an Android?

Find Bumble in your Account’s Subscription settings on the Play Store.

Open the Google Play Store app on your phone and click on the menu at the top of the screen. Go to “Account” and open the “Subscriptions” page to see everything you’re currently subscribed to. Find Bumble on the list and tap on it to bring up the “Cancel” option.

  • Your Bumble profile will still be active and you can use the app as normal. If there’s still time before the expiration date on your subscription, you’ll still have access to its perks until it runs out.

Does deleting the app or my Bumble profile cancel a subscription?

No, you could get charged if you don’t officially cancel the subscription.

When you uninstall the app, your account and subscriptions remain active. Even deleting your profile completely doesn’t end a subscription through your app store. If you want to ensure that you’re not paying for a subscription, go into your app store and cancel the subscription manually.

How do I contact Bumble if I have an issue?

Fill out the contact form to reach them by email.

While Bumble doesn’t give out refunds, you can still ask them any other questions you have. You can find the form through the “Contact and FAQ” button in the app or fill it out online. Select the type of question you have from the list and provide your name and email address in the matching text boxes. Choose the Bumble mode and platform you’re using before continuing. Then, write your issue with the most description possible. Submit your message and watch your email for a response.

  • You can access the contact form here:
  • You can find answers to many common issues in the FAQs here:

Try asking questions through the Bumble Support Twitter account.

If you’re having an issue, try writing a tweet to the account @BumbleSupport. Include their handle and try to describe the problem you’re having with as much detail as possible. Send your tweet and wait for a reply from them. They may have you DM the account directly or reply with more information to help you out.

  • You can reach the support account here:
  • Bumble Support responds Monday through Thursday 9 AM – 8 PM CST, and Friday through Sunday 10 AM – 6 PM.
  • Tweeting to Bumble support doesn’t guarantee you’ll get a refund, but at least you’ll be able to talk to an actual representative.


  • Bumble does not have a phone number you can contact, so any that you find online could potentially be spam.
  • Requesting a refund does not always ensure that you’ll get one. If you aren’t able to get one, just be sure to cancel any subscriptions before they’re charged again.

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