How to Get a Free Gift with an AARP Membership

Did you see an advertisement for a free gift with a new AARP membership? It's true! If you sign up or renew your subscription, you'll be offered a free gift! This minHour article teaches you how to claim a free AARP gift online if you don't already have a membership.


Go to AARP’s coupon code page.

You can use any web browser to navigate to this site.

  • This will only work for AARP memberships that expired or haven’t been created yet.
  • You can get a membership at any age; however, some benefits or promotions can be restricted (like age-specific insurance).

Enter your promo code.

In the field that says “Promo Code,” enter the code for the free gift you want. You can find this code around the internet or you may have been sent an email with a free gift incentive.

  • If you don’t have a code, skip this step and click Join Here instead to sign up and get a different free gift.

Click Redeem.

It’s a big red button right below the “Promo Code” field.

  • You’ll be redirected to a page where you can sign up if you aren’t already.

Enter your information.

You’ll see the free gift shown on the left side of the page. On the right side of the page, enter information like your name, address, birthday, and other information.

  • You can opt to create an online account under the “Create your AARP online account” header.

Select your membership subscription.

There are subscriptions that are 1 year, 3 years, and 5 years.

Check the appropriate boxes.

To continue, click the boxes next to “I understand to and agree to the Automatic Renewal terms and conditions” and “I accept the online account terms and conditions.”

Click Continue to Billing.

It’s at the bottom of the page and will continue you through the sign-up process.

Fill out your payment information.

Select if you want to pay via credit card, online check, PayPal, or Google Pay, then fill out the associated information (so if you choose PayPal, enter your PayPal information).

Enter your billing address.

Check the box next to “Billing address is same as mailing address” to copy all the information from your mailing address.

Click Join Now.

You’ll see this large red button at the bottom of the page.

  • You’ll see a confirmation page and a note letting you know that you’ll get the free gift in your mail about three-to-four weeks after you sign up.
  • If you don’t get the free gift after a month, call 888-687-2277 to get additional help.

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