How to Format a Linux Hard Disk to Windows

Windows operating system and Linux execute best on their specific file systems. It is a known fact that Linux executes better on hard disks that are formatted using the ext3 file format system, whereas Windows executes well in a disk that has been formatted on NTFS file system. If you are running Linux as your default operating system and would like to switch to Windows, there are two simple ways in which you can reformat a hard disk that has been formatted for Linux operating system to enable you to install Windows operating system. For the procedure, you will need the installation disc for each of the operating system, i.e. Linux and Windows.

How to use the Ubuntu installation disc

Insert the Ubuntu installation disc into the CD-ROM and boot the PC with it.

During the boot-up process, select “Try Ubuntu without……” this will enable you to install Linux without affecting the current status of your system.

Load the Partition Editor application, this can be found by clicking the menu “System” then selecting “Administration” on the drop down menu.

Choose the partition in which Linux has been installed in and select “Delete”.

Thereafter, select “New” to create a new partition to install Windows in. choose NTFS as the preferred file format system.

Click “Apply” to accept the changes and proceed to install Windows in the new partition that you have just created..


  • If you intend to install multiple operating systems on one hard disk, it is highly recommended that you create multiple partitions for each operating system. The file system used ought to be FAT32 as it is unanimous for data that will be shared amongst the operating systems.


  • Formatting a hard disk will erase any data that exist therein. Ensure that you have created backup of all data stored in the hard disk.

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