How to Find Out Who Owns an Instagram Account

Who owns that Instagram account? You may need to figure out if that profile is fake or trustworthy, and this minHour article will teach you how to find out who owns an Instagram account.

Ask them directly.

Perhaps the easiest way to go about this is asking the Instagram profile who they are.

In some cases, like if you’re wondering if that shop page is legit or not, you’ll get a misleading answer, so you’ll have to do more digging.

Investigate the profile.

Looking at their follows, followers, comments, and mentions might give you a lead to who they are.

You might recognize some of the names that they follow and who follow them, so you can then determine who they might be.

  • Fake profiles tend to have little to no followers and follow lots of other accounts.

Checking out their photos should show you a consistent identity.

For example, if the profile has friends from Russia and is all about Russia, but features a profile image that looks tropical, this profile may not be honest.

  • A fake profile tends to lack pictures with more than one picture of someone.

Use a people search engine.

Resources like BeenVerified, Spokeo, and PeopleLooker claim to search social media usernames.

To find out who owns the Instagram account you’re looking at, go to the people search engine website, enter the Instagram username you want to look up, and check out the results. They gather information regarding age, physical and email address, phone number, email, criminal records, and profile photos.

  • Many of these services require payment to work.

Use Google’s Reverse Image Search.

If you have their profile picture or any picture that they’ve posted, you’ll be able to enter that in Google and find out information regarding that image.

It’s a free method that may or may not give you results.

  • The search results may instead lead you to other social media websites that may give you a hint as to the owner of the account.

Cross-check other social media.

Since many users change their names over platforms, checking other social media accounts may tell you more about an account, including who the account owner is.

  • For example, if their Instagram account links to a Twitter profile, you may be able to get their email address from their Twitter profile.

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