How to Execute .RUN Files in Linux

.RUN files usually contain program data and installation instructions for Linux programs. This minHour teaches you how to execute .RUN files in Linux using the Ubuntu terminal. Since RUN files install software, make sure it's legitimate and won't harm your computer before executing it. RUN files from suspicious links can contain malware and damage your computer.


Press Ctrl+Alt+T to open a Terminal window and navigate to the folder where your .RUN file is.

You can also search for Terminal in the “dash” bar on the left side of your screen by clicking the “All Applications” icon.

Enter “chmod +x” and press ↵ Enter.

This will make your file executable.

Enter “.

↵ Enter. This command will execute your RUN file.

  • If you get a “Permission denied” error during this process, add “sudo” to the beginning of the code so it will run with the appropriate permissions.

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