How to drain the water from the hotel bathtub

The bottom of the bathtub will have a rotary opening, which is usually a small black circular opening. This is the drain switch of the bathtub. When you use it, you can twist it or rotate it, and then it can drain the water from the bathtub. Normally, the drain switch of the bathtub will be at the bottom or side of the bathtub.

the hotel bathtub

How to use the double bathtub in the hotel?

First of all, you need to rinse the bathtub. After all, it is a public product. You can buy several bottles of 84 disinfectant and wash it thoroughly with heated water.

Then plug up the drain, turn on the hot and cold water faucets to drain water, adjust the water temperature while draining water, and put two-thirds of the water into the bathtub to lie down and take a bath.

The depth of the bathtub must be controlled. It is best to keep it below 42cm. The bathtub with water level higher than the heart will cause danger.

Correct use of bathtub

  • Plug the water outlet on the bathtub.
  • Drain water into the bathtub, and pay attention to the proper temperature and amount of water.
  • After undressing, enter the bathtub.
  • Rub all parts of the body with your hands until the stains are cleaned.
  • After the bath, the dirty water should be drained, and then the bathtub should be flushed with appropriate amount of water.
  • Finally, you can put on your bath towel and leave the bathroom.

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