How to Drain the Battery on Your Phone

Wanting to drain the battery on your phone? Not wanting to ruin your phone's battery by charging it while it's at 64% but you need to get it to 100%? For whatever reason, read on to find out how to quickly drain your phone's battery, but not ruin your phone's battery forever!


Open up all/most of your apps.

As long as you don’t clear them from your phone’s memory, this will drain your phone’s battery quickly, especially if you have a lot of apps! For example, on an iPhone, if you click on your home button twice, you can slide the apps away– this is clearing them from your memory. Don’t do that!

For automatic screen lock, click on never.

That means that if you yourself don’t turn off your phone’s screen, it’ll stay on forever. That will definitely drain your phone’s battery.

Put your screen’s brightness to its maximum.

Have you heard that when you put it really low it’ll save battery? Well, this is the exact opposite!

This is especially for those without wifi handy – turn on wifi.

If your phone continues to search for wifi that is not there, it will also continue to deplete your battery.


  • You can also use FaceTime or some other battery consuming app since it will help you to drain the battery of your phone.
  • While these steps may not drain your battery very quickly if you only do a few of them, if you do every single step, your phone’s battery will soon deplete.

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